Closing the book of 2017

Probably these are going to be the most personal words I have shared on this site. But I feel that I need to write a few sentences down and to write it off, this year 2017.

A year ago I would not have imagined being where I am right now. Just within a year my private life has made the most tremendous change it has ever done. What seems to be good now, has been for the price of the worst time of my life.

Fate has decided for me not to only close a chapter in my life, but to close a book. But I understand and believe that everything is for a reason. So I’m looking forward to start a new book in my life.

Therefore I won’t do my usual annual review today, I also won’t make any resolutions. I will rather do plans. Plans that will turn into new, wonderful and exciting stories for 2018 and beyond.

With this, I’m not only saying goodbye, but also farewell to most of 2017.

Closing 2017 II



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