Traveling Thailand

Dear Readers,

I think this is actually the first posting I write while actually traveling. Usually I will blog anything a few days to months later. How come that this is different? Well, I’m kind of bored.

Again I’m traveling alone. And since I’m always occupied with work and stuff to do, it is difficult just to let go and relax. Whilst the first days of this trip I had spent in Bangkok, where there is plenty enough to get distracted, I’m now at the beach. I have a wonderful apartment to myself, with an open air shower, a bubbling jacuzzi and a view of the ocean. I know that many of you would scold me now for being ungrateful.

A blow of fate has brought me here and I definitely will try my best to make the next days rewarding, thoughtful and exciting.

Starting with listening to my playlist, which this time is still incomplete, but I’m adding songs everyday. So by the end of the trip it is hopefully complete and will last as a good memory of this holiday. I’m going to share this list with you: here

Any music-lover would condemn me to music-hell, I know. But I just wanted to listen to some semi-trashy 90s summer & EDM songs garnished with a bit of Italian/Latin music. Hahaha, please don’t take this as my personal music taste. I can listen to anything. The weeks before I went on vacation I was actually listening to a lot of 50s songs, a bit Rockabilly and also Jazz.

But I’m not going into more details of my music taste – not now 🙂

So what will I try the next days?

I saw that they offer Elefant rides in the hotel. Actually something I was never interested at, maybe I feel it’s too touristy. But why not?!

They also offer a Thai cooking course. Maybe not my favourite cuisine, but probably I can learn something that I can benefit from and will be able to use back home. So why not?!

The hotel also has a Spa… calming down can be so easy with that. Especially after my accident, I definitely will need some relaxing strokes at my shoulder. So definitely yes!

I also received a few recommendations today, which I will still need to go through. So I hope to come back with some exciting things and interesting pictures in my next posts.

Have a great day anyone!


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