Italian Roadtrip – The End


So I have already been in Italy again, but have not finished my first road trip entry yet. Well, I recently had unfortunate events chasing each other, so I didn’t feel any patience of writing in my freetime. But so many friends and colleagues kept asking for another blog entry that I will dedicate the evening today for you and finish my Italian road trip summary.

And the best for last.

So, if you have read the last post, you know I had a good time at the town nearby Florence. I didn’t wan’t to leave the hotel at Le Maschere, because it was so nice and I didn’t know what to expect on my last stop. Remember that I was writing about the dodgy hotel: here.

Well, all worries were gone when I was driving up the alley of the hotel, I was getting in a good mood driving up the impressive driveway. I already fell in love with the hotel then:


So with what others find “dodgy”, I really loved. Yes, you see some nudity in the art collection, but I guess you have to be very conservative and no art friend if you feel that the hotel is too exposing with its art. I admired the art they had collected and exhibited. The design of my hotel room was also pretty cool.



And then there was the pool. A place to relax and enjoy the good things in life: sun, snacks and sparkling stuff. Until I drove back home, I spent all my time at the pool. Maybe boring to some of you, but exactly what I needed. After this vacation I definitely had a good tan and a lot of Vitamin D in my body!



My dinner was also the food highlight of this trip. I ate at Amista 33 at the hotel grounds in a small patio – al fresco. It is a Michelin Guide Restaurant lead by the chef Marco Perez.

Of course I took the 9 course tasting menu. Some of the courses I want to present with the following pics. The beginning was already superb: The Amuse Bouche was nicely presented, like a tempation.


Also unusal and funny was the a small dish where you had to lick off a fruity liquid texture with your tongue instead of using any cutlery.


Then each course followed each other in a well selected manner. Every dish so distinguished and extraordinary. Nothing that I had in such a selection before. My personal highlight was the goat cheese risotto with duck egg yolk and charcoal for the eyes. But I also loved the celebration of the plain and normal Italian white bread that was handed to you by the Sous-chef with the main course to dip it in the sauce and clean the plate with it – the Italian way. This is nothing spectacular, but by the hand-over ceremony of the bread they brought a focus to it and made you realize how important the simple things are and how good they can taste and of course it made you feel the Dolce Vita.






The dessert was also good, but…. but same with some of my previous posts and e.g. a dessert at Commerz24 in Barcelona (where they served a dessert on tomato basis), I wasn’t too fond of it, because I’m a dessert traditionalist and I don’t like any veggie, be it tomato or here peas that are served as a dessert. Even if sweet. However, I’m sure that others would love the dessert – it is just my weird dessert preference.


Then all ended with childlike satisfaction and happiness: Fruits and cotton candy on green grass. And I got to meet the chef and thanked him for the very good dinner.


Of course I also had a good wine paring and I also got to know a wine which I fell in love with: Amarone. A red wine that I would describe as a wine that represents an Italian summer evening – the taste just reassembles the warmth of the summer.

The service was excellent, explained every course and selected the wine wisely… and above all made me feel welcome, so that I totally forgot I was traveling alone.

All in all a perfect restaurant at a wonderful hotel – I really saved the best for the last.

The whole road trip alone was such a pleasure. There are also many things I didn’t mention in any of my blog entries, e.g. the unsolicited offer I got in Bozen or the extensive shopping spree nearby Florence. Too many things to tell…

Nevertheless, sharing all the wonderful moments and memories with friends or a beloved one is also something I’d prefer for my next trips. Some of which I’ll also try to share with you.

Good Night everyone!





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  1. Looks wonderful, thanks for sharing.

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