Counting the days

First stop on my trip will be in Bozen/Bolzano

I hardly have ever counted the days for any travel. Normally the excitement about my travel kicks in when I am packing my luggage the day/weekend before and I start to realise that wonderful days will lie ahead.

This time it’s different. My upcoming Mini-Roadtrip is in my mind all the time now. Maybe because it’s a trip I do completely on my own or maybe because everyone whom I’m talking to about it, is also excited. People start relating it to a mini “Eat Pray Love” travel or are giving me a lot of recommendations for small towns on my way, eateries or wineries. Even though I just don’t know how to fit them all in for the couple of days I’m on the road, I’m happy that I will have a lot of choices.

Recently I have also started creating a playlist and keep adding songs to it. But for the poolside or evenings, I still have to find a good read. And because winter has just ended, I also will bring the car to a check up for the breaks. Then, enough of precautions, I’m ready to go 🙂

Bozen Summer 2016

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