When I flew to Barcelona last weekend, I was reminded myself about this post. I read in the magazine of Handelsblatt (a German newspaper) about To-Dos in Chicago. And to my surprise it included the restaurant I also visited: Blackbird.

A michelin star restaurant in an upcoming trendy area.

I took the tasting menu. Their very natural inspired decorations (flowers and leaves) and their variety of vegetable ingredients were noticable. It were ten courses, of which I ate only nine – I will also explain why with the last course.

After having had some wine and yummy Sangria at the Godfrey (you remember from my last posting: here), I was in the mood for another lovely wine pairing accompanying my dinner. The day was so well, Chicago put me in the mood. With every course and every new sip of wine my mood got better of course 😉 and I must say that the menu was fantastic.

Here are some of the courses:

“spring onion brownie. uni ice cream. smoked strawberry. almond. green garlic”


“green garbanzo. asparagus. sesame.”


“potato. seaweed. lamb.”


“ahi. smoked pork. fava. meyer lemon.”


“ green almond. fernet. ricotta”


This was the last course. Which I unfortunately couldn’t finish. Well, on the one hand, I may have been tipsy…but acutally I tried everything on my plate…I may have been full, because I had a couple of hours before many dishes already at the Godfrey…but hey, this usually never stops me from eating desserts, even after 10 courses, I will manage a dessert…or two…so, it definitely was that I don’t like mint in my desserts at all! A decorative mint leave is still ok, but everything tasted too minty. Other people might love it and I’m sure many would have loved this dessert. Which was cleary the optical highlight of the dinner and had all textures I would want in a dessert: creamy, crispy, soft, chewy, melty, cold – I just don’t like it too minty. But this is just something personal (me, who even doesn’t like the tiny tic tacs with mint flavour!), so I’m 100% sure that you, dear reader, would have enjoyed every bite of it.

All in all the presentation, the well chosen ingredients, the beautiful platings and the composition of the texture of the food are excellent. Besides that I only had a few spoons of my dessert…I liked, loved and licked everything until the plates were more than clean!  This is a top location and I will stop there again on my next visit in Chicago!


Where? 619 West Randolph, Chicago

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