Its already autumn. Times were so busy that I couldn’t keep up with the blog and only uploaded pictures on IG. Of course I enjoyed summer a lot. Did some serious travels and all weekends were filled with activities, be it weddings, trips to close cities or to nearby outdoor spots. Last two weekends were dedicated to Oktoberfest and I also had family over visiting Munich. So a lot happened….

But one thing has had continuity: Food. I ate a lot. The scale tells me so.

One of the places that is responsible for adding some kg to my weight was Chicago. The city trip I already wanted to tell you about. Of course I wanted to enjoy some Deep Dish Pizza


and I couldn’t hold back myself when visiting the Rooftop Bar at the Godfrey Hotel – their food is so delicious that I was ordering almost the whole menu. Smoked Salmon Pizza, Watermelon Salad, Beet Salad, Salsa with homemade plantain and taro chips, BLT Sliders and the best: Duck Quesadillas.img_4279


I had Rosé with the food and their White Sangria afterwards. Coming from Germany where Sangria is mostly associated with binge drinking parties or just cheap alcohol, I wouldn’t normally go for Sangria. But I saw other people sipping it and this Sangria is completely different from what I know Sangria is like. It had yummy and colorful frozen fruit granita in it which made it really tasty.img_4452

So this was the best place to chill in the afternoons. Since I liked this place so much I also stayed a night at this hotel.

What else did I do in the windy city:

  1. Been to a Michelin star-ed restaurant which I will write about sometime later. A short glimpse already with this pic:img_4377
  2. Visited the Field Museum with their T-Rex, Totems and the seasonal exhibition of Terracotta Army (this museum is a must-do for families!)dsc02072dsc02074
  3. Watched the fireworks of the 4th of July celebrations at the Navy Pier from the hotel room.IMG_4244.JPG
  4. Did some sightseeing stuff and walked through downtown a lot dsc01963dsc02064img_4272dsc02200img_4147img_4098
  5. Went to a food festival.img_4436
  6. Rented a bike and went all the way up north, passing nice beach spots and well made lakefront pathsdsc02192
  7. Stayed at the W Hotel where they had excessive breakfast dishes, such as these ones:img_4113IMG_4254.JPG

All in all, lot of food and a great time in Chicago.

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