Hey – I’m back!

My summer-blog-break is coming to an end and I have so many new food stories from Bolzano, Amsterdam, Chicago and Toronto. But more about it later.


Thanks to a lunch discussion today, I had the idea to talk about my fridge.


– yep you got it right, my FRIDGE.


It seems that people have different kind of methods how they organize their fridge. Like their handbags – and if people are blogging about their handbag contents – why can’t I do about my fridge.


Opening the fridge at least 20 times a day, it is the most important item in my household I guess. And to start with: I have two fridges. One in the cellar and one in my apartment. The cellar one has a big freezing area – good for precooked meals, chicken stock or frozen fruits. Besides that the fridge has only drinks chilled for upcoming parties.

So, how does my apartment fridge look like? It is a model pre-choosen by my landlord. Nothing special. It has a small freezing box on the top, where I store ice cream, crushed ice, fish and brezn dough (we are in Bavaria!).


So whats in my actual fridge today:

– Fruits – today an exotic fruit mix for breakfast, blueberries and a ripe mango.

– Eggs, salad (a mix and red chard) tomatoes, avocado and mushrooms

– Dried Tomatoes (always good for pasta sauce), jalapenos, pickled cucumbers, anchovies

– Two kinds of butter (one for baking and cooking, one for bread – and if I expect guests for dinner, I will have a salty french butter for the bread rolls)

– Topping for bread (breakfast or dinner as typical in Germany): Goatcheese in two variations, smoke salmon, bacon, horseradish and herb cream cheese spread (as you can see I eat that a lot currently) and several fruit jams

– Quark, yoghurt, mozzarella, cottage cheese, Actimel and a lot of milk (for Müsli, cereals, crepes and of course for tea)

– Mango chutney, sweet and sour sauce, various kind of meat stocks, mayonnaise, two kinds of mustards (french and a sweet one – for Weißwurst), Sambal Oelek, Wasabi, a ready made Cassis Salad sauce

– Drinks: Tomato juice, veggie juice, smoothie, various kind of fruit juices, non-alcoholic bitters,  tonic water bottles (good for Lillet or Gin), Lime Juice Cordial, Cassis de Dijon (always reminds me about the European Court of Justice Decision in my law studies – but it is acutally for Kir), wine (rosé and white), a left over beer from friends (I usually never have beer at home), Prosecco and, of course, a Champagne (to celebrate the good times)

I probably forgot some items that are somewhere in the back of the fridge…but this is it.

Wow, I never thought that I would have that much in my tiny fridge. So I must have a good storage system aka organization 😉

Cheers to that!



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