Panther Grill

Panther Grill Starter

I gathered so many food experiences in Munich during the last months but had less time to write… now I have a huge backlog… Of course, I just could put pictures online, it’s fast, but then it would just be another version of my Instagram account. And pictures sometimes tell only half of the story. There are restaurants that can nicely plate their courses – perfect for IG – but the taste might not reach the gorgeous plating. Also, you know, I’m talkative…so I really want to tell you about the things I’m eating 🙂

Today I want to share my dinner at Panther Grill.

Since it had opened its doors, it was on my must-go-and-check list for restaurants in Munich. Why? Well, I must admit, because I fell for their cool interior the first time I passed by this restaurant. It is really stylish (a bit retro, a bit scandinavian, a bit bar-chic) and I love the dimmed light they use. Although – as you can see – for the disadvantage for pictures. But who the hell takes pictures of their food (except for these totally weird foodbloggers?)…

I knew from friends that Panther Grill offers good steaks. But I was also surprised by their starters – because these are having a modern touch arrangement on plate – I have seldomly had such creative combinations and platings in Munich (!)- and are sensationally delicious. And the taste of my starter (scallop) even superseded its (instagramable) presentation! So this is definitely outstanding – and therefore you should under no circumstances skip the starters!

Panther Grill Surf n Turf

Panther Grill has some solid variety of steaks and you may choose between US beef or organic Bavarian beef …and the classic Surf’n’Turf. Side dishes and sauces can be selected upon own taste. Sides: From crispy sweet potato fries to mashed potatoes with truffle to creamed corn (first time seeing creamed corn in a Munich restaurant) to spinach to grilled veggies etc. –  I tried almost all and all were good, I especially liked the veggies and truffled mashed potatoes. I also tried different kind of sauces and whilst I was a bit disappointed with the Merlotjus (less taste), I can highly recommend the Pepper-Cognac Sauce!

Panther Grill Steak

And then there was the dessert. They have e.g. a Cotton Candy Ice Cream, which sounds interesting, but I wanted to go with something solid to conclude my dinner: Fruit, Ice-Cream and Cookie layer in a glass. Good.

Panther Grill dessert

All in all, I have to say that I will for sure have many more dinners at Panther Grill. Especially as I’d like to see and try more of their incredibly good starters…and of course the Cotton Candy Ice Cream 🙂

Where?   Franz-Josef Str. 45, Munich


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