Warsaw for the lazy…



I love city trips. But I’m not the Hop-On/Hop-Off bus tourist or the nerdy museum visitor. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has their own travel style. Whilst it may be fun for people to drive around with a guide (which is great if you don’t have plenty of time and want to get an overview of most important sight seeings of a city), I appreciate it more basic: Wandering around the streets and different neighbourhoods, resting in parks, looking for small fashion boutiques and cosy coffee places. A tasty lunch or dinner, streetart and maybe one museum (preferably modern art) and I am happy.

And my city trip to Warsaw made me happy. The city has offered me a good time and I found some great spots. I didn’t have a deep dive into history and culture, since I wanted to spend a relaxing and lazy weekend there without doing anything special. If you are looking for the same, I have some tips for you:

Taking a walk through the historical city center

city centre warsaw

Warsaw city centre II

Warsaw city centre III

The old city centre has many re-built historic houses, the royal castle, the city wall, the university and many other sight seeing spots that you can discover by a short walk.

Vitkac Department Store

warsaw II

Fashion: Cool mix of brands, International Fashion Style, High End / Food and Drinks: Upstairs wine bar and a restaurant, downstairs Champagne bar. Needless to say that I had some Champagne and of course a little snack (Beef Tartar) which was nicely plated.

Centre for Contemporary Art / Ujazdowki Castle

Modern Art Exhibitions and a nice Coffee/Lunch place with the option to take a stroll through the park. Unfortunately I had some rain after I visited the exhibition and couldn’t explore the park. (Missed to take a pic of my visit)

Chocolate and Pastries

chocolate pierogi


A.Blikle (https://www.blikle.pl/) and E.Wedel (http://www.wedelpijalnie.pl)  have very good offers to have a coffee or hot chocolate. I had amazing Chocolate Pierogi filled with cream cheese at E.Wedel, which I can highly recommend!


Other Recommendations:

Go to “Lazy Dog” for some snacks and drinks in the evening.



For dinner I recommend to read my previous posting on the restaurant Rozana!


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