It is already time to decorate my roof top terrace, plant new flowers and set up the outdoor furniture… Spring is here! But before it’s getting too warm, I still have to complete one mission: Telling you about my weekend in Warsaw, because when I’ve been there it was cold and freezing outside.

Especially when its winter, you can enjoy a good and hearty dinner at one of the loveliest places I’ve ever visited:Rozana.


The location is already amazing: A whole mansion that functions as a restaurant. Different rooms and furnitures, but all classy, make you want to come back again and again to have at least been in every room.


The food is polish cuisine at its best!

I recommend to order the Pierogi as a starter. So yummy!


The main dishes were nicely plated and were hearty and tasty. The calf’s liver was excellent and the duck delicious. Moreover I liked the side dish to the duck – potato dumplings, baked. I never had such potato dumplings before and these were so delicious!IMG_1048[1]IMG_1055[1]IMG_2083[1]

Even if I am full…a dessert is always possible. And I did love the cherry filled Pierogi. IMG_1061[1]

If you are in Warsaw, you have to go there. There is no excuse! And you are in good company: many famous artists, actors and politicians have visited this place – you have an overview of them on pictures on the mansion’s stairway.

By the way… it is also a nice place in summer as you enjoy your meal in the garden.

Where?   Chocimska 7 street, Warsaw

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  1. Kristy Rhine says:

    This place and the food look amazing!!

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