Tin Lung Heen


Tin Lung Heen

Great view from the one of the best restaurants in China based on the 102nd floor at the Ritz Carlton in the current tallest building of Hong Kong.

But not for me 😦

I had mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I was also sick while being in Hong Kong. Don’t worry, it was not the food in Hong Kong, but the mere fact that I catched a virus already in Germany.

So it knocked me out on the day a visit to Tin Lung Heen was planned. I couldn’t even move from left to right in bed and I couldn’t drink nor eat that day. So my travel buddies went without me to dine at the 2 Star Michelin restaurant.

And they were representing me the best they could (hahaha – thank you guys!) – they even took pictures the style I do and brought me back a present: Something that I identified as galzed walnuts with a sweet and salty note. The glazed walnuts were accompanying their dinner (as you can see in the following pictures) and were also available as a gift.

Tin Lung Heen (8)Tin Lung Heen (2)

They took pictures of various Dim Sum. The Suckling Pig looks so crunchy and tasty and the dish with the dragon hair is pretty cool, don’t you think? Seeing these pictures, I am sure that the next time I am in Hong Kong, I’ll definitely go there.

Suckling Pig

Dragon Hair

Tin Lung Heen (6)

Tin Lung Heen (4)Tin Lung Heen (5)Tin Lung Heen (7)

Another photo of the great view:Tin Lung Heen View

Where? Level 102, International Commerce Ctr., 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong


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  1. HK is one of my favorite cities!! Your post makes me miss HK so much. It’s too bad that you got sick on your trip. Feel better soon!

  2. Nandini says:

    Delicious looking food. I hope you feel better

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