Hearty Beef Stew


What is comfort food to you?

For me it can be many things: Burger & French Fries, Rice with Curry, Pasta Bolognese, Ramen or Sio Pao -just to name a few.

A little while ago I made a classic comfort food dish – a Beef Stew – for three reasons: It was cold outside, it was a lazy sunday and because my BFF brought back a cookbook from her latest travel to UK, where I got the recipe from. For me it was the perfect gift. And this not only, because my favourite good night read are cooking books and recipe magazines…


This cookbook is so lovely printed and has traditional English Recipes mixed with Comfort Food and other great stuff. The pictures are all very promising. So I tried out the Beef Stew for dinner, which consisted among other ingredients of the following:DSC01712

It took almost 2h, but this is quite normal for stews and the result was so heart-warming and tasty. Good comfort food. For the recipe see “Grandma’s Best Recipes” from “Love Food”. IMG_2218[1]

I also had the perfect wine for the dinner, Mauritius (Lagrein & Merlot) – I got it from Kellerei Bozen on my usual trip to Bolzano.


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