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IMG_1941[1]Phenomenal! Perfect! And totally worth it!

I could stop right here with the whole post.

Even if there are many more things to say about my food experience at Bo Innovation, a 3 Star Michelin Restaurant (!) – my first one by the way – this sums it up.

But don’t worry: I’m going to tell you more…

It started with a reservation made via e-mail and having phone calls exchanged for confirmation and with information that a special Chinese New Year Menu was awaiting me, I was eager to visit the restaurant. However, since the restaurant was closed for the 3 main New Year days, I had to wait until the end of my Hong Kong trip and re-schedule for lunch instead of dinner – otherwise I would have missed the plane. But the waiting was totally worth it. Besides the New Years firework I wrote about last time this lunch was the highlight of my trip to HK!

So, after having everything confirmed and shortly before I had to fly back home, I hit the road to find the restaurant…well, at least the Taxi driver knew where to drop me off… but then I still couldn’t find the restaurant. Luckily some of the staffs in close by shops could help and point me out to the right direction, then with a final call at the restaurant, it was easy to find. Fyi: You have to walk into a smaller street and then after 50 meters on the left hand side you will see a sign – the restaurant is on the 2nd floor.

Then – the experience started.

Be aware: You have to be an experienced eater! And – as the name indicates – open to innovation! I was not sure what to expect, as I had read reviews in the internet, most said that it was top cuisine (I mean, the Michelin Guide won’t lie, right?!), but there were others which made me struggle if I should visit the restaurant. But well, now I know – these other visitors just couldn’t appreciate very good, high quality and innovative fusion cuisine.

It started with an interesting interpretation of the traditional street food HK Egg Waffles, they were filled with seaweed – this was our “bread” for the lunch. Really cool.


Our waiter informed us then with every item of the menu what we had to expect – for some dishes they showed us the ingredients that were used to prepare the dinner. Especially with a non-Chinese background this was very helpful.

The menu started with a raw scallop and sugar snap peas. I loved the combination with the salty crispies, which I only knew from my morning cereals up to this day.


After having been served with this, I knew that the whole menu was going to fulfill all my anticipations. Nevertheless my excitement lasted until the very last course, because my curiosity on what will follow next remained throughout all courses. From a retroperspecive I can tell, even though all were innovative dishes, the menu sequence was just perfectly organized and well balanced.


Above course was called Umami – like the fifth tasting sense. The tuna and the oil (48h preserved with shrimps) poured over it was just a perfect combination. The Cha Siu Bao that followed was a molecular interpretation of one of my favourite Chinese food:IMG_1919[1]

And this one tickled my tongue in many ways:


Foie Gras with an apple spuma and a preserved cabbage ice cream and ginger bread. What a combination! The senses that it triggered and the combination between the salty, sweet and sour were just amazing. The Foie Gras had been perfectly prepared. Such a wonderful dish.

The other following dishes were also perfect in plating and uber-delicious (e.g. the incredible cauliflower risotto!), but I will only share two more items of the 9 course menu with you:

This noodle roll dish “cheung fun” with wagyu beef and truffle – served in a cool, but authentic street food way:


And the dessert called Candy Box – which was icecream and espresso topped with candied fruits that are usually exchanged in candy boxes during Chinese New Year:


I left the restaurant with the most amazing feeling that I have ever had about food. When I am thinking about what I ate, I still have the feeling of appreciation, excitement and -yes- love for the courses that have been served.

Where? Shop 13/2F, J Residence, 60 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


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  1. Thanks for sharing! I was at Bo Innovation about 7 years ago. I didn’t take any photos then (cell phone camera quality wasn’t what it is now). So your post brought back good memories, though there are many more new dishes now! I enjoy reading your blog : ) Mrs. King

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