Chinese New Year in Hong Kong



I came back from my trip to Hong Kong two weeks ago, but have been too busy to write about this cool trip until now.

I booked this trip not only because my last time to HK had been when I was a 6 yrs old child and I wanted to catch up with this vibrant city and its food offerings, I also wanted to experience Chinese New Year (CNY). About HK I did know that you have the parade, the fireworks and the traditional horse race on the first three days of CNY.

Unfortunately I was knocked out on the day of the parade 😦 and had to stay in bed for the whole day but I was ok again the next day for the fireworks. And it were amazing 23 minutes with colorful brilliant lights with the scenic background of HK’s skyscrapers. This made the whole stay a perfect stay!


Since I’m not everyday in HK, I decided to spend a little bit more on a room with a view of the skyline and of course one that also captured the firework. The Sheraton Towers were just perfect for this. Even though not the most modern hotel, it still had comfy and well-kept rooms, excellent service (!) and I had a room with the harbor view. Also, the Tower rooms offer you access to tea-time, evening snacks & drinks and a seperate breakfast room (again with a view).

Before I continue posting about my foodie story from HK, I wanted to share some pictures of the wonderful firework (as with all photos on my blog – these were taken by me):



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