I am at Warsaw Airport and currently waiting for my next flight to new food adventures in Hong Kong.

I already got my stomach satisfied, checked the Social Media platforms and my messages…and I still have plenty of time (5 more hours -how come? Well, I wanted to be on the safe side not to miss my connecting flight and took already the morning flight from Munich to Warsaw).  That leaves me now 4h and 59 minutes to write this post 😜

Two weeks ago I had a very delicious Chinese dinner I want to tell you about ….. I know it seems already that I am a Chinese food addict…but it’s just the best food for winter and yes, maybe I am a little tiny bit addicted 😅

So, why is this dinner worth mentioning? Because it is probably the best Chinese food I had in Munich yet! The lamb, the beef, the duck…all in a very good quality. The cuisine is mostly Sichuan, so spicy & hot and this is exactly what I want now, when it’s cold outside. Further everything is freshly prepared with herbs (completely without artificial flavour enhancer) and the traditional cuisine is served in a modern and stylish location. Here you don’t get that uber-kitchy feeling as in some Chinese restaurants – the focus is clearly on preparing good food.

Of course this comes with a higher price (I guess they don’t want to make any compromise on the quality), but still reasonable considering that this is Munich. Note: If you come as non-Chinese, you need to tell them that you want to eat the Chinese way of sharing all dishes, otherwise they will serve individually.

Yulan also offers Hot Pot, but for this you have to reseve two days in advance (also a good sign for high quality and fresh food). I saw that they serve it in a traditional way, so I am already curious and will try it the next time.

Where? Theresienhöhe 30, Munich   Yulan.eu

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