Photo Disaster and New Years Resolution

Munich Food München.jpg
If plan A doesn’t work out – don’t panic – the alphabet still has 25 more letters.

I actually planned to write about two restaurants in Munich that I have visited recently. But due to inexplicable circumstances I have lost the photos – they are supposed to be on my iPhone but are nowhere to be found. First I was frustrated and sad at same time, but then immediately realized that this is the ideal opportunity to visit the places again 🙂

Anyway, one of them is on my personal “Munich favourite restaurants” list (->Chez Fritz) and I am sure that I will be going there again soon. So, stay tuned.

As I don’t have any new eat or recipe to share with you, I am using the last day of January to finally share my New Years Resolution for 2016. After being quite successful last year I have new goals for this year:

1) Cooking & Baking

I have been eating out a lot last year and neglected my other “food-hobby” – cooking and baking. So this year will be all about homemade dishes and cakes. I plan to cook dishes from all over the world, but also want to focus on my “half” ancestral kitchen: Filipino Food. This is really a tough resolution – due to full time work on weekdays I only have the weekend for culinary creativity.

2) Spending more time with my best friend

Work, fitness studio, yoga, golfing, dancing, running, learning spanish, cooking, eating, writing, traveling…you see where this is getting. I try to meet my friends on any occasion possible – I also organize a lot of get-togethers, after works etc., but still, I have the feeling that I could spend more time with my friends and especially my best friend. So this year I can invite them over for my homemade dinners (see 1) and I am sure that they will also join me for my 3rd resolution:

3) Having a regular After Work

Once a week a drink in a stylish bar – this is the best goal I ever had 🙂

Munich Food Bar Florita


Cheers & have a nice Sunday!



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