Unlike my last time in Berlin, this time was not dedicated to fashion and shopping – no, I spent it with food. Since I have heard a lot about Kolja Kleeberg’s restaurant (awared with a Michelin star) and I know that he is cooking with the best products from the region, I decided to visit Vau for lunch.

The restaurant is perfect for a Saturday lunch. You sit in a relaxed atmosphere and have the impression as if time stands still. All you need to do is enjoy the meal.  The dishes have an innovative touch, but are not overly exaggerated. Although I love disruptive restaurants like “Commerc 24”, I also enjoy sophisticated, but “calm” (unaufgeregt) cuisine such as offered by the Vau. You read the menu and you also have an idea what you will be served and be eating. To create such an atmosphere where you feel comfortable, well kept and joyous about the food is sometimes more difficult than to do a big bang molecular menu – and Kolja Kleeberg manages that very well.

I had three course menu of my choice: Cod, turnip and black truffle. Corn poulard, roasted root vegetables and pumpkin gnocchi. Pistachio soufflé with date and pear ice cream.


Everything was delicious and well presented & the dessert was a tasteful dream, a perfect soufflé – I didn’t want to wake up and enjoyed it until my very last spoon of it.

The restaurant is situated next to the Gendarmenmarkt, the historical and magnificant center of Berlin – with the concert hall in the middle of it. Close by are also some nice shopping spots, e.g. Berlin’s Galerie Lafayette and the Quartier 206. Brandenburger Tor is also in walking distance.

So, you can easily combine your lunch or dinner at Vau with a concert, sightseeing or shopping. But even if you are staying in another area of Berlin, you should definitely plan to eat at this restaurant – it is worth it! Personally I will add that to my routine for my visits to Berlin.

Please note that I only snatched a photo of the soufflé as I find that there are restaurants (e.g. Tantris), where you just shouldn’t take your phone/camera out of your pocket. However, if you visit the website, you will get an impression of what to expect.

Where? Jägerstr. 54-55, Berlin

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