Berlin feels like coming home in a certain way. I had not visited the city for several years – but everything still felt familiar when I returned. In the past I had been work-wise, but also for city trips to Germany’s capital. And I got to know a lot of good places, some of which I visited again. One of my favourite restaurants is Lubitsch situated in Charlottenburg. It’s the “old” West-Berlin area, which consists of old stylish apartments, solid eateries and established fashion stores. Unlike the “creative” and “start up” parts of Berlin, you will find old inhabitants living in an upper-class charm. I love this area and if I would live in Berlin, it would definitely be in the neighbourhood Charlottenburg and then I would visit Lubitsch more often. Because, I always eat at this fine dining place when I am in Berlin. I also remember one of my first dinners I had there and that is probably already 10 years ago: It was summer, a warm evening, I sat at a table outside, next to the street and the candle gave a nice glooming shimmer – street musicians were passing by and playing only for us – it was an ideal set up for a romantic dinner. And I also still remember what I ate: I had a very delicious nutty risotto


This time I had dinner with friends – who recently moved from Munich to Berlin – well, even if I cannot understand why someone would leave a charming city like Munich – I can agree that they decided best when moving next to this incredible good restaurant 🙂 So it was a probably more than a coincidence when they suggested to have dinner at Lubitsch.

The food was marvelous for the eyes and tasty as always. I think that filled dates with lamb, scallops with fennel salad and the chocoalate mousse are speaking for themselves.

The menu offers classics such as Potato Soup Berlin style and Wiener Schnitzel, but also dishes that have a twist, e.g. zander with sesame crust, basil risotto, vegetables and safron espuma. Plus, you can also choose from daily changing dishes!

The light concept is very nice for dinner (I love the atmosphere!). My pictures however turned out  dark. And as I don’t use any image editing program for pictures on my blog (maybe I should do?), these are the pictures as taken from the dinner…from the plate directly to the blog.

If you are in Berlin, go for this place!


Where?  Lubitsch, Bleibtreustr. 47, Berlin

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