San Pedro de Majagua


DSC00426Cartagena itself does not have nice bathing spots at the sea. So it is recommendable go on day tours to the close islands, do island hopping or just stay for some nights on an island.

I just wanted to flee from the tiny streets filled with tourists, the honking noises from the cabs and the sticky heat of the walled city of Cartagena and have a few days of sun, sand and sea and therefore decided to stay at San Pedro de Majagua on Isla Grande, an hour boat ride from Cartagena.

I literally did nothing (except for a massage) on the island: I had breakfast, chilled at the beach, ate lunch, chilled at the beach again, ate dinner, went to bed. Four days in a row. Actually, I wanted to only stay one or two nights, but I just needed to recharge my batteries…so I extended the stay.


I loved the villa/suite I had, it had a nice lounge in front and the interior was puristic (except for the wall decoration of two wooden animals). Good to know: The water for showering was always cold – but with the warm weather outside it didn’t matter.DSC00465 - Kopie.JPG

The hotel has two small beaches: One with a bar and music, one where you just enjoy the tranquility. You can also rent equipment for SUP or kayaking. Or you can rent a bike, do a snorkeling trip or go diving.


The meals were simple, but always satisfying and good. I sticked to seafood on my stay and had everything from Lobster to Prawns to Fish. Of course all served with rice and/or plantains…but after all this typical local food, I was craving for french fries on one day 🙂IMG_1610

Note: If you ever go for a trip to any of the islands nearby Cartagena, be prepared for the boat ride back! It is an adventure as the sea is rough by afternoon. You should wear your bathing suit – you will definitely get wet!

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