La Cevicheria



When I was planning my trip to Colombia “La Cevicheria” was on my bucket list. When I arrived and saw the waiting queue with a lot of tourists I reconsidered it and didn’t want to go anymore, because

  • (a) touristy location: nope
  • (b) waiting: nope (you cannot reserve – first comes first serves)

BUT: My Colombian friend convinced me to go, speaking of incredibly good ceviche. So hey, I was passing by the restaurant at 6 pm and it looked like I would have luck… and I did: I only had to wait 1 minute and was seated promptly – yeah!


I had the Ceviche with squid, fish, conch, lemon juice, coconut milk, coconut, coriander, mint, garlic, coconut flakes. It was sooooo delicious – best ceviche I ever had. I also tried the “ceviche” caliente, with warm shrimps and melted mozarella cheese – good if you do not like a cold platter.IMG_0771

The (medium sized) portions were already big enough to leave with a satisfied stomach. But I wouldn’t be a foodie if I have not tried any other offering, right? So I also took the Paella with Lobster and it was great. A lot of Lobster “meat” in the Paella – yummy!

So, this is a place where you should go if staying in Cartagena!

Where? Calle Stuart 714, Cartagena

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