Goodbye 2015


Besides that I sufficiently fulfilled my New Years Resolution for 2015, I wanted to also do a review about this year – but instead of just “blabla”, I had the idea of answering questions that are usually in “classmates and friends” books that children pass around during elementary school, but altered it to make it suitable for my blog (and my age 😉 ). So here we go:

1. My favourite restaurant of 2015:


Firmin Le Barbier, Paris – great food, great atmosphere, great service. Cooking is delicious, not too fancy, but also not simple, just right. Find my short review here

2. My favourite food of 2015:

Lulo, a super delicious fruit which tastes like pineapple, strawberry and rhubarb – yum. I was soo excited about Lulo that I didn’t take any pictures of it, but here is a link to Wiki

3. My top three drinks of 2015:

Bellavista Franciacorta (I actually prefer Franciacorta over Champagne – it is definitely better!)

Sessantanni Primitivo di Manduria (still my favourite Red Wine)

Kir (White Wine with Cassis)

4. Where have I been abroad in 2015:

  • SingaporeIMG-20150215-00443
  • Pankor Laut, MalaysiaIMG-20150202-00320
  • Moscow, RussiaDSC04377.JPG
  • Bolzano & Lake Garda, Italy IMG-20140818-00230
  • Paris, France IMG_0436
  • Bogota, Cartagena & Isla Grande, ColombiaDSC00465.JPG

5. My three favourite things I did in 2015:


Trying Flyboard. I did this at Lake Garda and although I only managed to be in the air only three times during my 15 min event – I definitely want to do this again sometime.


Spa at Pankor Laut, because their Bath House Ritual is unforgettable and super relaxing. If Scotty could beam me somewhere: this is the place.


This Blog. I am happy that I started writing again and that it motivates me, not only to cook, but also in sharing my experiences in words and pictures. And I love to read other blogs as well – I really like the wordpress platform… I’m learning so many new recipes right now 😉 It will take me years to cook everything that I have read so far 🙂 Also, thank you everyone for reading and following!


With this, I wish you a good start into 2016 and definitely a

Happy & Prosperous New Year!


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