Santa Clara, Cartagena

After a week in Bogota, I have spent some days in beautiful Cartagena at the Caribbean Coast and also some time on an island close by.

Cartagena is not only popular by tourists, but also a hot spot for weekend trips for many Colombians, so that when I was booking the hotel even two months in advance, it was not possible to get a full week at one hotel. So beside my island trip I had to go for two hotels in the historic center, which in the end was not bad, because both of them had their unique charm and I would not be sure which one I would choose when I return to Cartagena.

Today I want to share some pictures of the Sofitel Santa Clara where I spent 4 nights.


Their bar menu overs different wine flights – so you can do a bit of wine tasting (here: the Chilenian Wine Tasting – the Los Vascos Rosé is recommendable).


The snacks that accompany the drinks are also tasty: Empanadas…




…Shrimp Cocktail…



…and yummy Plantain Chips.


Of course I also had every day my Lulo juice.


The pool area is also good and of course I couldn’t resist a snack:IMG_0602

My snack is on the left: Yuca and Plantain Chips.


The patio of the Santa Clara hotel. The hotel had been a monastery in the past.


There is still a procession to enlight the candles in the hallway every day where the staff is wearing brown cowls. One of the “monks” is also going around with a frankincense burner. I know that it’s weird, but I like the smell of frankincense.



The patio at night. It can be romantic to reserve a table for dinner in the middle of the patio (I even saw a guy proposing during dinner!), but you should use some Anti-Mosquito products!

In my opinion Sofitel is always a good choice, but this hotel inside historic walls is definitely a charming one – and if you do not stay there, you should definitely go for dinner…or drinks… or both 😉

Where? Calle del Torno #39-29, Cartagena, Colombia

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  1. Amazing place, I was there 3 years ago and would like to return soon…

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