Bogota: To Do & To See


Salt Cathedral, Zipaquirá

Miners built the stations of the cross and a cathedral in a salt mine near Bogota. It is really impressive to stand in a huge underground hall and to know that the miners built this all by themselves. Tours are also available in English.



Guatavita Lagoon

In over 3000m height situated, the lagoon can only be reached by a small hike. Even though the way is nicely paved and would be a short trip under normal circumstances, you have to be prepared for a little exercise because of the height. The lagoon got famous, because of its legend of El Dorado: The native people were holding ceremonies at the lake and by that were donating gold and lowering it into the lake. Many people ever since wanted to retrieve the gold items, but were not lucky except for a few items, which you can e.g. see at Bogota’s Gold Museum.



Residence of Simon Bolivar, Bogota

Because it will give you a throw back in time, with its nicely made garden and all rooms decorated as it would have been around 1800. Of course, most interesting for me was the kitchen:



The Gold Museum, Bogota

A visit is highly recommended, as you will get an impression of the degree of fineness in the work of the native people in the pre-colombian time. The treasures that are exhibited are immense and unbelievable detailed crafts.


Fernando Botero Museum, Bogota

Museum that exhibits paintings of Colombia’s famous artist. It is fun to see paintings that you are already familiar with in Fernando’s interpretation. Entrance is free and you can even chill in the nice patio.



Street Art, Bogota

I love street art and in Bogota you’ll find a lot of wall paintings, in the historical center, but also in other parts of Bogota. Impressive paintings which tell you stories or want to raise awareness for a certain topic. I have read that you can even do a Street Art tour, which I will be interested to do on my next visit to Bogota.



Soccer Match, Everywhere 🙂

If there is a match involving the Colombian team, be aware that everyone is watching it! Work can wait, Customers can wait, Life can wait… I was in a town close by Bogota and people where gathering in the restaurants, pubs and on a square at the town center to watch the game together. This is very common and does not only happen during world cup.


What I have missed: Monserrate, Bogota – a church overlooking Bogota. It has an amazing view over the city, but legend says that you should not go there with a partner that you want to marry as it then will never happen. However, I have friends who have been there unmarried and are now living in matrimony…so don’t be too scared 🙂

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