(Fast) Food in Bogota


What else did I eat in and around Bogota?

For Breakfast I often had Almojabana & Arepa (both are corn based pastries with cheese), these also vary from region to region and I have been told that the ones from the countryside are the best, as they are made the more traditional way.IMG_0559

Or also Colombian Tamales (ingredients of rice/corn with chicken, pork, egg and veggies steamed in plantain leaves) – very tasty!



As as snack I had grilled corn – not the sweet corn that we are used to in Europe, but one which is more neutral in taste and has bigger kernels.


I also had a typical dish called Cazuela de Mariscos – this is like a hot soup/stew with seafood in it.


Further I ate Sushi or better: Fusion-Sushi. Sushi with Colombian influences, which is really tasty.

For example, Sushi crossed with Ceviche: Acevichado


With palmito and a little bit spicy (well, it was not anywhere near “hot”): Dinamita


Or with plantain, cheese and mango: Criollo.


I had this Colombian interpretation of Sushi at “Wok” (http://wok.com.co/wps/portal/wok) and as the name already indicates, they do not only have Japanese, but also Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese dishes. Even though I usually do not expect much from a place that offers “everything”, the food at Wok was quite decent. And I did like their menu which comes as a magazine: Stylish!

Of course, Colombia also has Fast Food chains and one of those is El Corral, which offers Burgers. Needless to say that I also had to test it. The meat is quite good, and will compensate for the long waiting time. Really tasty were the onion rings, if you are going to an El Corral – order them! However, in terms of Burger Fast Food chains my heart belongs to McDonald’s… but let’s keep this for another day, another story.


Last but not least: I also had coca tea. It is said to help also with altitude sickness, but is also good for digestion. Besides this it also tasted well.DSC00223


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