Andres Carne De Res


If you are a traveller being in Bogota who is looking for food, drinks and party at the same time, you need to visit Andres Carne de Res in Chia (weekend)! Chia is smaller city close to Bogota and it is the location for one of the craziest places I have ever seen. The interior is freaky and fun: I wonder how you can have all the ideas of putting randomly stuff together, e.g. enlighted hearts, baskets and legs hanging from the wall. Still it somehow matches. Costumed staff is entertaining the visitors e.g. with a welcoming act, jokes and confetti showers at each table. We had the honour to get sashes in the colors of the Colombian flag that mentioned “visitante ilustre” (VIP). 🙂

For such a party place you might think that the food isn’t good, but in contrary: it is excellent! Unfortunately, we were still full from lunch, so we opted only for several snacks, e.g. “Arepa de choclo” a sweet Arepa version, Empanadas etc.



The cocktails (e.g. the Mango Magerita) had a high ratio of alcohol, so for me these were a bit too strong, but if you like it this way – good. My recommendation: Take a juice – The Lulo juice was served in a bowl, this made drinking it very exciting. After our group was satisfied by the snacks and drinks, we hit the dancefloor. They of course play a lot of Latin Music (Salsa, Merengue etc.), but also some common chart songs. To get an image of how this place is like, you have to watch this video that I found on youtube:

But as it has been said in the video: Andres Carne De Res is a place that you have to experience for yourself!

Where? Calle 3 N°11ª-56, Chia

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