Thanksgiving Wine Choice


For those who thought “finally its over with her Thanksgiving postings”, I have to disappoint you ;)… one thing is still missing. Because not less important than the food are the drinks!!!

I served an aperitif made of cidre and white portwine, which is perfect for autumn and a good start for the Thanksgiving dinner. But I also had champagne for those who wanted to go more conservative.

Beside tea & espresso after dinner, I love to offer a hazelnut liquor, one that tastes like Nutella (also good for a girls-only-evening!).

But to me the most important drink for a dinner is the wine. For Thanksgiving I have the recommendation of three wines that will suit the Turkey but also all other dishes. The Viognier above is recommendable for those who love very sweet wines or who are not usually wine drinkers, but I also find that it suits the cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and Turkey well. The Primitivo above is just delicious and full of flavours, because of vines that have spread their roots in the ground already for some decades (actually the Sessantanni is one of my favourite wines). Big John is a great Cuvee which suits especially the Turkey – give it a try!

With this – I will move on with other stories and recommendations – Cheers!

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