Pumpkin Pie


I usually serve Pumpkin Pie as my Thanksgiving dessert. Before I started celebrating Thanksgiving a couple of years ago, I had no idea how a Pumpkin Pie would taste like and neither had my friends (it is just an unusual cake in Germany). But actually it is so delicious that we continued having it as a unchangeable part in the menu.

I found an easy recipe, unfortunately it is in German language only: here.

I like it, because you do not use canned pumpkin puree, but you do the puree yourself. I also altered the recipe in only using 100g brown sugar (50g light brown and 50g dark brown sugar) and reducing the amount of cinnamon. Further I puree the cooked (Hokkaido) pumpkin together with the cream and syrup, it is easier this way.

Since this is about Thanksgiving: I want say a huuuge “thank you” to my best friend for taking the pictures of each dish (of course I was busy with cooking).

& I hope you will all enjoy Thanksgiving as much as I did.

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  1. Hope you guys had a nice Thanksgiving!
    I wasn’t even aware they celebrated it outside of America, that’s kind of cool!

    1. munichfoodie says:

      Thanks, I hope you did as well. Actually Thanksgiving is not a tradition in Germany, but it becomes popular to be celebrated as a kind of “Friendsgiving” as all other festivities such as Christmas and Easter are usually kept for family.

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