IMG_7811One of the favourite sides at a Thanksgiving dinner, but no less important than the Turkey is the Stuffing. I already prepared fruity stuffings with pomgranate, or meatless stuffing, e.g. made of bread and chestnuts. It seems that almost everything that you will put into the Turkey turns out super-tasty.

However, for two years we have been bbq-ing the Turkey, therefore I cannot do the “real” Stuffing anymore and have to prepare it seperately in the oven. But I use an oven bag – even though I am not sure if this actually facilitates anything.

This year’s recipe was as following:

Basically I don’t have any guide you can follow on preparing the Stuffing. Just mix everything well in a bowl and put it in the oven – I used 180°C. What I will try next year: placing chicken wings on top of the mixture so that it soaks the yummy poultry juice that is missing now.


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