Time has passed by and I have not yet written about one of the best dinners I had this year. Not because of laziness, but because in my opinion it may be difficult to describe a dinner in one of Germany’s best restaurants. And also, because I don’t want to anticipate any own experience.

Expectations are high when you visit a Guide Michelin two star restaurant and especially when living in Munich, you have already heard so many rumors about the Tantris.

The restaurant has been built and opened in the 70s and the interior has same decade’s styling, not in a shabby, but in a cool and even modern way. Warm and eyecatching colors (orange) from ceiling to floor, with carpets that absorb noises, give a comfort feeling as soon as you enter the restaurant. All is elegant and well harmonized. I really love the style and colors.

The menu was something that I would call “classics with twists topped by surprises”, e.g. the lamb chop with beans and pumpkin polenta: great and well harmonized – classic: lamb, beans and polenta combination, twist: polenta with pumpkin, surprise: slices of thin runner beans.

Interesting was the lobster and turbot served with thin slices of porcini and a lobster dumpling. I never had the idea of mixing porcini with lobster – great combination, which I will definitely try myself. Only item which seemed more like an unsuitable element in terms of consistency was the badly-shaped dumpling, which I would have at least wanted with a different filling – two times lobster in one dish was unnecessary.

All other dishes, starter (char/tomatoes/sesame mousse), intermediate course (reblochon/rosehip/nutpesto) and dessert (curd cheese dumpling with poppy seeds/plum sauce/sour cream ice) were tasty and just perfect. And I will definitely consider these combinations in some of my self-cooked dinners myself.

So far so good. But what really was the best thing about the dinner was the wine. The sommelier chose execellent wines for each dish. In my opinion the wine selection was greater than the dinner – so if the dinner was already near perfect – you can imagine how I must have felt about the wine. My favourite was the 2000 Bourgogne Blanc  from Leroy S.A. which accompanied the lobster.

And of course, a perfect dinner would be incomplete if not having it with great people…with good talks and the mood cheering up the more time and wine has passed.

Expectations have definitely been met. The visit was an unforgettable experience.

Where?  Johann-Fichte-Str. 7, Munich    http://www.tantris.de/

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  2. Thanks for the tip! I have never been to any Michelin’s restaurant but seems like it’s time for a visit.

    1. munichfoodie says:

      Sorry for my late reply. Yes, it is recommendable and an interesting experience, especially with the wine accompaniment! Hope that I will be able to try other Michelin restaurants in the near future as well, to compare.

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