One of my favourite Japanese restaurants in Munich is Takumi. It serves authentic Ramen. For all that hear of “Ramen” for the first time: These are Japanese noodle soups and at Takumi you can choose between three tastes: Shoyu, Shio or Miso.

Especially when it gets cold outside, Ramen is a good choice for lunch or dinner, it heats you up after the first sips of the broth. It is a kind of comfy-food to me.

I usually take the Miso broth and among the obligatory pork slices and soy beans, I like to order extra seaweed and eggs (like in the picture). Sometimes I will also go for the “Tan-Tan Men”, which is a spicy Ramen version with minced meat and a creamy soup texture.

If you are still hungry after eating a Ramen or if you would like to go for a Starter first, you can also order e.g. Edamame, fried Gyoza or Onigiri.

The place is always well visited and since you cannot reserve tables, you should plan in some waiting time during common peak hours. However, right at the entrance they have a waiting area, where you are also able to sit. And the Ramen are worth the wait!

Where? Heßstraße 71, Munich     http://www.takumi-noodle.com/

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