Restaurant Juli


True to my New Year’s resolution I have had Chinese dinner at a restaurant I visited the first time. It is the one of the current hot spots for the chinese community in Munich and yes, in the fully booked restaurant (and its quite huge), there were less than a handfull (!) non-Chinese people. This is a good sign for definitely getting authentic cuisine.


The funny thing is that this restaurant is poorly rated by visitors on various rating websites. I have reviewed the ratings and I know why: These visitors came to eat the buffet/brunch or other standardized offerings. Never ever do the buffet thing at any Chinese restaurant if you really want authentic cuisine! Buffets are always adapted to the taste of the common non-Chinese visitors to meet a standardized taste (I call them “Chop Suey Eaters”).

Positive ratings came from visitors that I could identify having a chinese background and here is what you should do to get one of the best chinese food experiences in Munich: Avoid the first pages of the menu (for “Chop Suey Eaters” who even want to eat Thai food, Burgers and Pasta at a Chinese place?!?), but go over to the speciality pages (“Spezialitäten”), the second part of the menu.


My friends and I had ordered beefstripes Bejing style that you will put with some vegetables to a roll and eat it (I have tried that at other places before, but these one were the best ones I got), Mapo Tofu (a spicy black bean sauce with soft tofu – a Sichuan dish that also non-tofu eaters will cherish), lamb meat seasoned with cumin and cilantro and a steamed fish (unfortunately I don’t know what kind of fish) IMG_0025Everything tasted delicious and I am eager to try all other dishes as well. I already saw that they offer also other dishes that I like, such as eggplant Sichuan style. Further you can order fresh crab (which unfortunately was already gone by the time we ordered) and special grilled fish (to be ordered upfront as it takes a while for preparation).

The restaurant itself has a nice interior which is not playing with any cliché, but is simply modern and stylish.

Where?  Schloßschmidstr. 5, Munich

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