One late evening, I was hungry for Asian food and hoped that some of the restaurants in my area would still be open. However, neither the Ramen nor the Sushi place were open. So I tried a chinese restaurant I haven’t been to yet: Fuyuan. It is not a fancy place, but they have renovated it recently, still the interior is more functional than stylish and I’m missing a warm feeling that I require to have a relaxed dinner evening. Nevertheless, this is a good option for chinese food if I don’t want to go far beyond my neighbourhood. A chinese friend mentioned that it offers tasty duck, but I was in the mood for dumplings.


Same as with the interior, the serving of the food is more functional. I was missing the serving in the usual bamboo steamer.

The dumplings are good, the service friendly and quick (but since it was late evening the place was not crowded) and the pricing is decent. This is a restaurant I will definitely consider next time I’m hungry for dumplings or if need some quick dinner in my neighbourhood (eventually I will try the duck).


Where?  Augustenstr. 21, Munich

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  1. I made a reservation to have a Christmas lunch with a dear friend today at 11:30. We sat down, ordered something to drink, the server brought the drinks and we were ready to order our meal, when the rude server informed us that we had until 1:00 to finished our lunch. There were only 2 other tables occupied and 2 tables with the reservation card. I repeatedly told the lady, that we had a reservation. So, she took our drinks from the table………we took our things and left. I have been to this restaurant 3 times. I will be sure to let my friends NOT to go to this restaurant. Horrible service, horrible

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