Restaurant Laurin / Bolzano


My last entry has been more than a month ago and even though I have had so many wonderful food experiences in the meantime (e.g. a dinner at Tantris), due to work I just didn’t have the time for the last month to keep up with this blog.

So back to what has happend more than a month ago: As almost everyone I know I have also been on a short trip abroad in August.

It is already an annual ritual for me to have a short summerbreak in Bolzano (Bozen), Italy. Usually I will be at the small town in the north of Italy for an extended weekend or on a short stop over on my trip to other places in Italy – and it always involves this one perfect restaurant: Laurin Restaurant in the Hotel of the same name.

I will never visit any other restaurants during my stay, as this is the perfect place to eat. You will have regional specialities and mediterranean cuisine on a high level. Now also with dishes containing fair trade ingredients.

The dishes are not only a feast for tongues, but also for the eyes: For example the Cappelletti colored with all natural ingredients together with peach sauce and scallops or the lemon tarte with raspberry sorbet.


The variety that you will find in the menu is praiseworthy: From pasta to fish to meat, from familiar dishes such as Schlutzkrapfen to innovative desserts such as “Ivoire & Passion”. On top the restaurant also offers a daily changing menu for a decent price.


I don’t need any postcards from Bozen, the memories of dinners I have had are so tangible that they will even last back for a long time, e.g. last year the restaurant served a chocolate flan, so tasty that I will never forget the chocolate experience I had with every spoon of it.

Also worth mentioning: The excellent dinner rolls/bread variation and the cookies that accompany the final conclusion of the menu with espresso.

Special Experience: In summer the restaurant and its kitchen is located outdoors in the backyard of the hotel!

Where?    Via Laurin 4, Bolzano, Italy

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