It is the most Un-German place of the whole city and had been my favourite restaurant/bar in Munich. Yes, you have just read it: had been. In the past I have been there at least once or twice a month. The food was perfect, basic tapas/pintxos for a very decent price, a yummy sloe based cocktail branded like the restaurant “Itxaso” and a noise level that you realized this is very authentic! People around you were speaking Spanish and the waiters would also take your order in Spanish.

It changed this year when they started not taking reservations any longer. In a place that crowded and popular, it is now almost impossible to meet with friends for an after work dinner. This was followed by a change of the menu, some basic tapas remained, but are now more expensive and – more important – served in a size that you can’t share, e.g. the Albondigas turned from small meatballs that you could devide between friends to gigantic three meatballs and the croquetas are now croquet-balls served on a stylish platter and the waiter does not place it in the middle of the table, but in front of the person that ordered it. What the heck happened to this place? It’s turning to become “piefig” – serving food in a German manner instead upholding the “Tapas sharing culture”. I just don’t understand why someone would change a place with that perfect Spanish atmosphere that was running well and didn’t need any change. 

But – you still get the “Itxaso” cocktail, you have Munich’s Spanish crowd and you can still practice your Spanish with the waiters talking in Spanish. And they have also added some really nice dishes to the menu (Pluma o Secreto Ibérico is totally yummy), which taste very good (but are not easy to share) – so a visit is still worth it…. if you get there early enough or if you are lucky to get an empty space at the bar or at a table.

Where?  Pestalozzistraße 7, Munich

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  1. Luca :) says:

    I couldn’t agree more on this post.
    BTW, do you know if they still serve churros?

    Very nice Blog 😉

    1. munichfoodie says:

      Hi Luca, Thanks for your feedback! Yes, the last time I have been visiting Itxaso they still had Churros.

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