Lillet Vive


For the last 3 years I served Lillet Vive on almost every occasion & celebration I did, a cocktail simple to prepare and loved by everyone. Today I had some friends over for a “girls-only-brunch” on my terrace and as I always have all or at least the basic ingredients at home, it is needless to say that we had some again.

Ingredients as in above picture.  Ratio: 1/3 Lillet blanc, 2/3 Tonic

Some bars in Munich garnish it with lime…but it is definitely not the official Lillet Vive anymore and I also don’t like it with lime. Further if you are looking for an alternative drink: I know people who love Lillet with “Russian Wild Berry”…same ratio and also good.

2 funny side notes:

Even though it is a French drink that existed for more than a century, my friends from Paris seem not to know about it (but I have been told it is at least known in the area of South France).

Three years ago, when I had just learned about this drink, I was introducing it to the guests of a friend’s party as the “new” thing and promptly was asked to mix it – but for some reasons I forgot the right ingredients on that evening and so I was mixing it 1/3 Lillet, 2/3 Prosecco. As no one knew how to mix it, no one noticed the mistake (phew!) – and frankly speaking: it was not that bad.

For more recipes:

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