IMG_0170 Everyone who loves Macarons and lives in Munich knows MAELU. Or you love fancy little cakes…but then again, MAELU is the place! And it is also always a good gift, e.g. if you want to say thank you to a co-worker or a friend. And it happened to me as well, I recently got a box of Macarons from MAELU as a gift. IMG_0550 But I also just went for coffee and cakes at their store a few weeks ago. You can either sit outside or upstairs where you will have a good view on the shopping street if you sit next to the window. I ate the “World’s best chocolate cake” (name of the cake) and the Mango Brasil tarte. I tried the first one because I was curious if it is true… the cake was really tasty and just right. To me it is one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever had. However, everyone has its own taste and if this is the “world’s best” to someone it might not be for the other. The Mango Brasil cake does not only look good, it is also delicious. IMG_0160 IMG_0162  Where? Theatiner Str. 32, Munich

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