The Grill


Actually I wanted to eat some oysters during my trip in Paris which are said to function as an aphrodisiac. However, time flies and I didn’t have a chance. So after arriving back to Munich, I was catching up and had dinner on the rooftop terrace at The Grill with oysters (accompanied by a delicious cabernet sauvignon dressing in a separate small bowl) as a starter. Followed by a good steak – medium – which I choose to complement with a radish potato salad and Chimichurry sauce. I’ve also tried the beef tartar – classic and well prepared! Needless to say, I also had dessert – a warm chocolate cake with a good portion of a melting chocolate heart.



Terrace and inside are good for either business dinners, dates or an evening with friends. The views from both are marvellous. For party after dinner the “Heart” is just across the street.

This time – no party, but good talk with friends and just enjoying the food paired with a warm summer evening.

Rounding off: I really like the Grill – due to its interior and its dishes it creates a cosmopolitan feeling that is nowhere reached to a similar level in Munich and the staff is being attentive, well-trained and is doing a great job. And – I love meat!!!

Where? Lenbachplatz 8, Munich

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