Trip to Paris


Last weekend I was invited to a friend’s birthday party in Paris. Of course this involved also a delicious dinner! But one thing at a time.

I started the day early to arrive after a short flight in Paris for breakfast. I was not very innovative with breakfast – I ate at the PAUL bakery that I already knew from Moscow. Its heritage is actually French, but the bakery has its shops throughout Europe. However, even though PAUL grew that big over the last century, their pastries are good.

After quick shopping at Kenzo (hey, I’m in Paris…shopping is a MUST!), I went to the birthday event. First photoshooting with the birthday girl (from group pictures to funny stuff with hats and masks) and then a dinner at Noosa. It is a small restaurant lead by a very friendly owner. All courses we had were delicious – and I liked the presentation of food. It was like a Jackson Pollock on the plate: Some won’t notice that its art, but for me it all made sense.



As a starter I had ceviche-styled codfish with artichoke, for main course burrata with salmon tartar and avocado. And I’ve tried the cucumber gazpacho as well. All good and refreshing. It was a hot summer day, so the only warm dish I ate was the dessert: Creme Brulee. And what I love about my visits to Paris: Kir. The aperitif simple with Chardonnay or the fancy version Kir Royal with Champagne. Everywhere. You take a seat in the restaurant of your choice and no matter how stressful the day has been – you drink a toast with Kir and you know the evening is going to be great! Obviously I had a great one that day.

Where? 49, Rue Olivier de Serres, 75015 Paris

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