Ice Cream in Munich


Since my childhood I have been in love with Italian ice cream. I love (self-made) waffle cones and my favourite flavours are chocolate, yoghurt and mango.

Due to many Germans who love to spend their vacation in Italy and due to the migrant workers from Italy, who migrated between the 50`s and 70`s of last century, Italian ice cream has been popular ever since and nearly every town in Germany has its own Italian-family-owned ice cream places. Today many new vendors are getting into the market, e.g. with organic ice cream, and many of them are improving what intially was an Italian-only-business: Tasty, creamy and self-made ice cream.

My favourite ice cream vendor in Munich is Sarcletti

This is an well established vendor and history of the family owned business dates back to 1879. Sarcletti probably sells the best ice cream in Munich. The queue is always long (until closing hour), but fast (the staff is doing a great job – you usually won’t wait longer than 10-15 min).


My second favourite ice cream vendor is Bartu.

You can get their ice cream either in front of the Lenbachhaus/Königsplatz or at their original store in Schwabing. Their ice cream is milky and made of organic ingredients that are displayed on posters at the store. The icecream itself is rather expensive, but worth the price. You’ll also have to wait in a queue here and you should plan in some waiting time as the staff is definitely not in a rush…


My – new – third favourite ice cream vendor is True & 12

Hard working on my New Year Resolution I’ve tried a new vendor. And I love their ice cream! You can enjoy the taste of “true” ice cream with clear consience. The owners are transparent in their production and believe in quality over quantity, therefore you’ll only find 12 flavours available. Since I can only eat 3-4 scoops per serving anyway, I really wonder who needs more than 12 flavours…

This vendor is only on my third ranking, because I’ve only been there once yet. It could also have shared 2nd rank with Bartu.



Sarcletti   Nymphenburger Str. 155, Munich

Bartu  Wilhelmstr. 23, Munich

True & 12   Rosenheimer Str. 14, Munich

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