To-Do & To-See in Moscow


If you have the chance to visit Moscow – here some tips on what else to do (beside the places I’ve already mentioned in my former entries): Pushkin Museum: Exhibition of the Ancient World in the main building – paintings of impressionism in a side building


Tretyakov Museum: Paintings of Russian artists which will give you an impression of Russia’s past (culture and history wise) – I really loved it – a visit is highly recommendable!


Art-Play: A modern installation – information, electronic installation of paintings and music mixed together to give an impression about a certain decade of art movement. Good for dates! I loved the exhibition location – which is a former fabric area.

Academy of Sciences Building: Just because of its interesting architecture.

7-S Buildings: The Seven Sisters are interesting landmarks from Sovjet times Jpeg

Kremlin: Of course a MUST! Entrance Fee is the opposite of cheap and don’t forget to also get a ticket for the armoury, to visit the exhibition of the splendid carriages and gowns of the tsars and the golden tablewares and past-time weapons.


Tsvetnoy Central Market: More trendy fashion mall than GUM – it offers labels such as Red Valentino, Acne, Marc Jacobs, Carven, By Marlene Birger, Maje, Diane von Fürstenberg and and and… everything that a young fashionlover desires (my favourite mall!)

Botanical Garden: You can spend a whole day walking in a massive parc area. This is a place to go when you need a break from the big city life!

Gorki Park: Want to take a boat ride at the pond, dance salsa beside the river or hang out at the skate park? Then Gorki Park is your location! Of course you can also just enjoy the place by going for a walk or riding the bike… (I really loved watching the Salsa Dancers of all levels, who come here every evening to dance!)

Alexander Garden: Next to Kremlin a well maintained park DSC04443

VDNX: The former world exhibition area is now a big park where you can marvel at the remains.


Trees of Love: A clever and artful way to cope with the tons of locks from lovers.

DSC04428 DSC04430 DSC04434

Park of Sculptures and the landmark Peter the Great

11715889_10206601870432830_968771428_n 11720639_10206601870592834_1690307496_n

Cathedral of Christ the Saviour: The church has been destroyed for a public swimming pool and then later rebuilt again. There are some who miss the public swimming pool though.


Cathedral of Saint Basil: The most famous landmark of Moscow at the Red Square!


Bolshoi Theatre: World’s best ballet dancers and impressive interior. Wonderful!


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