Food Markets in Moscow


When I visit other countries, one of my first To-Dos is the visit to supermarkets and special food markets (usually the open air markets). Here you can really feel food, smell food and eat food like the locals. You will notice interesting things and discover new food you didn’t know that exists. Beside the regular supermarkets in Moscow (where you can get literally everything – depending how much money you would like to spend), I visited three food markets I’d like to tell you about:

Food Market at GUM


GUM is the big shopping mall next to the Red Square. Beside the big brand stores there is a department for food. You’ll be able to select from Turkish delights to Pelmeni to Caviar to Vodka to exotic fruits everything that you may need for your stay in Moscow or that you would like to bring back home as a gift. The variety of Vodka very interesting!

Not inside the food market, but still at GUM was an ice cream vendor, where I purchased typical Russian ice cream. It looks like this:


Perlov Tea House


The exterior is already worth a visit. This Tea House which exists since the 1890s offers – what else – tea in various varieties. But you can also other goods such as coffee or chocolate, e.g. from Red October, Russia’s well known chocolate factory.


This is the most beautiful supermarket in Moscow. Also historically well touched (opened its doors in 1901), you will get everthing…from meat to cheese to pasta. The splendid interior is worth a visit! Unfortunately no picture as the building is currently under construction (only outside).


GUM: Red Square, 3, Moscow

Perlov Tea House: Myasnitskaya st., 19, Moscow

Eliseevskiy: Tverskaya 14, Moscow

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