Hello Moscow!


Long time no blog entry… I have been in Moscow, Russia, for a whole week. While to many of you this might not be a so obvious destination for travelling, I can highly recommend visiting Moscow: The wheather is great during summertime (I had a warm week so far with lots of sunshine and above 25°C every day and it was still May – in summer it will be all around 30°C), the city has lot of sight seeing destinations, many parks, valuable culture spots, such as museums or theatres and of course some great shopping places. I have not only enjoyed yummy food, strolled through museums and the green areas which you can find everywhere in the city or along the river, but also visited some landmarks/sight seeing places and treasured the impressive metro stations. Please note, for Moscow you will need more than 3 days that you would usually spend on a city trip, because the city offers such a high variety of To-Dos and To-Sees!

Of course I will share my impressions on my upcoming entries and give you some tips for Moscow.

So here is my first food adventure:



One of my colleagues who has been living here for quite some time as an expat recommended me to dine at a Georgian restaurant, as Moscow offers some really good ones. I followed her advise, went to “Hachapuri” and the food really was delicious! The restaurant offers traditional Georgian dishes, from cheesy bread to meaty kebabs. I wonder why Georgian food is not popular in Western Europe yet as its kitchen is all you need to be happy!

I had the Georgian national dish Khachapuri, the traditional Khinkali in two different versions and a meat stew with turkey giblets. All very delicious!



When you visit this place, you can enjoy the colorful stylish interior and great service, but just make sure to reserve a table, because it is always croweded by international and local visitors!

Where? Building 5, 10 Krivokolennyy Pereulok, Moscow // Bolshoy Gnezdnikovsky Pereulok, dom 10, Moscow // Kievskaya Ukrainian Boulevard, Building 7, Moscow.   http://www.hacha.ru

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