Rhubarb – Curd Cheese Cake


I’ve been invited to my best friend for dinner today. Since I didn’t want to show up empty handed (in Germany we usually bring gifts for the host) and as I know that she likes cakes, I baked a Rhubarb Curd Cheese Tarte. I’ve tried a new recipe and I really like it that is why I wanted to share it with all the rhubarb lovers out here:

1. Prepare short pastry or tarte dough as usual and put it in a tarte pan.

2. Cook about 750g peeled rhubarb with about 80g sugar in a pan until soft. Drain it in a sieve.

3. Beat 2 eggs, 60g sugar and bourbon vanilla powder over a bain-marie and let it cool while continuing beating the mixture, add 100g creme fraiche, 100g curd cheese and 20g corn starch.

4. Add rhubarb and curd cheese mixture to the tarte dough. And bake it for half an hour, 200° on lowest level.

5. I recommend to keep it in the fridge overnight, as it will taste much better the next day.

Right now is certainly Germany’s best season of the year in terms of food: Since end of April you can buy rhubarb and asparagus in every food or super market and commencing end of May, sweet and delicious strawberrys from the region as well. However, you have to hurry up if you’d like to bake the cake – as in Germany rhubarb is only available for a certain period. Like asparagus, the last date of harvest for rhubarb is on June 24, 2015 (Johanni).

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