Patisserie Lehmann


It’s funny that I had a discussion with a friend on going out alone and then when I was going for a walk afterwards I discovered a patisserie which also has opened its doors at Glockenbach. Thinking about my New Year’s Resolution, I had to make a stop and try it. They offer everything that a French-heart desires: Small cakes, macarons, crossaints, eclairs and brioches etc.. They offer also self-made ice cream. As I have fallen for macarons since my first visit to Paris, there was no way getting around those. The macarons were delicious and I also had a brioche for take away, which tasted pretty good with milk. So I drank my tea and ate the macarons all by myself and got into weekend-mood. Perfect.

Sometimes it’s just right to do something all alone. I have been to restaurants, cafés or cinemas just with the company of myself. You decide where to go, when to go and what to eat or which movie to watch! And sometimes you’ll meet new people and can have the most interesting conversations ever.

Where? Holzstraße, Munich

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