Auer Dult

Even though it was raining I went to the Auer Dult yesterday noon. And even though the Auer Dult takes place three times a year, I always procastinated going there – for no specific reason. It is an open air fair for housewares, but offers also some food stalls and some rides for kids. Many persons were raving about this fair and when asking me about it, couldn’t believe that I haven’t been there yet. So with this year’s New Year’s resolution – I definitely had to go to the first Auer Dult of 2015. To some extent I understand why people are so enthusiatic about it: If you are looking for some Bavarian style pots, hand made items or new inventions for your kitchen, this is really a great place to purchase such things. Since I am not the type of person who will purchase such stuff at fairs (I prefer my favourite shop for household items: Kustermann), it was just nice looking at what vendors were selling, but I didn’t have the fun I was expecting to have. Maybe I would go there again if friends would ask me to join, but otherwise I’ll skip the upcoming Auer Dults. But if you like household fairs, flea markets or have kids who want to do some rides and eat cotton candy or popcorn afterwards – you should definitely go!

Where? Mariahilfsplatz, Munich

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