Holy Burger


Yesterday another “new“. I went to Holy Burger (close to HBF and next to Cafe Kosmos), one of the many Burger Places in town. Friends told me that this is the best Burger Place in town, so I had to try it! The Service is very friendly and very attentive – for Munich that is already a huge plus! We had Burgers, truffeled French Fries and Sweet Potato Fries with Mango Chutney. Now I know that French Fries and a Mayonese-Truffle Sauce just don’t fit. They tried too hard to offer something special, but it just didn’t work. Further I prefer thicker Sweet Potato Fries, but that is just my personal opinion – nevertheless they were good and the Mango Chutney went well with it. Taking my first bites on half of the Burger, I thought “wow, really tender meat”…but when I had a look at my burger it was too red, so not done yet. Biting further through the second half of the Burger I hoped that this was just at some area, but it turned out that it was my whole Burger. I didn’t want to complain as I was too hungry, so I put the meat aside and ate the last bites of the burger without meat. When the waitress picked up our empty dishes I showed her the raw meat and with a professional immediate reaction she offered me to compensate it with a drink. My company didn’t have a complete raw burger, but it was too medium for his taste as well. Maybe we just had bad luck that day…

Where? Dachauer Straße 7a, Munich   http://www.holyburgergrill.de


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