Cohibar City


Last Friday night we went for a girls night out at the Cohibar, my favourite bar in Munich. If you are looking for a Cocktail, people with good mood and a bar where you can also dance: You HAVE to go to the Cohibar! However, you should like Latin American Music (Merengue, Salsa etc.) – this is a Cuban inspired place and expats and visitors from Spanish speaking countries are among the guests. If you are single and looking for a flirt – even better… you will easily make contacts with anyone. And the later the evening the more excited the people get and some girls will take their step on the bar and dance for the crowd (hot!). The barkeepers also do a show by juggling lighted bottles in the dark. And of course, the drinks are yummy, my favourite is the “Kamikaze” (cocktail not shot). If you want it more traditional then you should try the Mojito or Pisco Sour. “Solero” is a recommendable non-alcoholic alternative.

Bottom line: This is such a happy place which always cheers me up!

Where? Herzog-Rudolf-Str. 2, 80335 Munich

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