Viva Maria!


Yesterday I had dinner with my friends at “Viva Maria!”. A very stylish, yet cosy Italian restaurant (I liked that the lights get dimmed during the evening). The interior has a modern rustic atmosphere, very wodden and simple. It’s a charming place. The menu offers from Pasta to Pizza the typical variety of dishes you’d expect from such a restaurant. We took Pasta and Risotto. I’ve tried the Pasta Bolognese, because I think that I can measure Italian restaurants with such simple standard dish and since my own signature dish is Spaghetti Bolognese, so I will be the a good judge for it. So, I have to say that the meat would have enjoyed more roast aroma, but you don’t do anything wrong in choosing this classic dish. The St. Magdalena (redwine) was not the best I’ve had and one of the reasons was that it needed to breath, which the waitress also mentioned when she opened the wine – but unfortunately our pastas were already served just when I finished with the wine tasting. I think that they could have this better organized – the wine really was starting to taste better after some time, but that was when we had finished our meal. After our meal we had plenty of time for discussions, no one cared about offering us some more wine or dessert or espresso. When we finally took the chance to order the dessert, it really was enjoyable: We had Panna Cotta & Tiramisu. My friend told me that her Panna Cotta was good and I can say that the Tiramisu was delicious – creamy, but solid, no dry biscuit and with a nice Espresso taste. However, I know people who prefer more biscuit than my portion contained and if you are looking for a soft cream it maybe is too solid, but I liked it. So in general I had a nice evening due to the atmosphere and the yummy dessert who rocked it. Only the service could have been a better (see the timing of the wine) and more attentive (we didn’t get any bread at all!). And when we were about to pay the waiter who had brought us the bill, responded a kind of impolite to our request about the “Bolognese” which appeared just as “Ragu” on the bill and we couldn’t identify it, because it seemed also having a price difference.

So, the place is ok if you prefer to have a simple dinner with friends in a great atmosphere (because they really had a talent in furnishing the restaurant). Even a bigger group of people is no problem (they have arranged long table areas), but be aware of the service.

Where? Rothmundstr. 5, 80337 Munich

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