Stancsics Schoko.Laden is a chocolate dream that came true! Someone gave me pralines from Stancsics as a gift – that was already some years ago and on that very day I swore never buying and eating pralines from anywhere else. Ok, this is not always possible as I cannot stop by Stancsics every day, but if I have the choice or find some time going there, I will (so, there is a good chance that you meet me Saturdays there)! The pralines are so fresh that you have to eat it within the next 5 days of purchase (but don’t store it in the fridge, which you should never do with chocolate)! You can really taste the harmony of the ingredients in the pralines compositions. My favourites are Mango-Passionfruit, White Chocolate Truffle and new: Tonka bean. Of course good chocolate and pralines have their price – but if you have a sweet tooth especially for chocolate – it is so worth it!

You can also purchase high quality chocolate bars, truffles and nice presents for chocolate lovers from other well selected chocolatiers at Stancsics. It’s chocolate heaven!

Where? Prannerstraße 5, 80333 Munich


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