We had typical April weather for days (storm, rain, sun, snow, and always cold) – so my best friend and I decided to meet somewhere cozy and hip, something where we can relax, so we spent this afternoon at the Flushing Meadows.

But after some time we needed something to eat – more than what you can get at the hotel bar. We immediately agreed, best for this crazy’n’cold weather: Pho Soup. The Vietnamese soup on either beef (Pho bo) or chicken basis (Pho ga) with noodles. And luckily: Munich has a place called “Pho”, with a small menu which of course includes the Pho soup, in three varieties: Pho bo, Pho ga or with both, beef and chicken. Although this place already exists for a long time, I only managed to try it first time this year in January (yeah, another “new” to me). The soups taste good and many people from the neighbourhood take out or dine in. Another yummy item from the menu are their fresh spring rolls. Today was my second time and I recommend, if you are searching for a good Pho Bo soup in Munich – search no more, you’ll find it at “Pho”! Next time I definitely have to try their other noodle & rice dishes. The interior is modern and cold, but suitable for a fast “soup” place.

Where? Nymphenburger Str. 70, Munich

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